U095 – If I change schools or retire, how will I keep my widgets?

Do not create a new BookWidgets account when changing schools.

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Check your email address

If your BookWidgets account is connected to a school email address, change it to a private one. You will lose access to your BookWidgets account otherwise.

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Duplicate your widgets

Widgets will remain saved on your account. However, pay attention to widgets that are located in shared groups: if these groups are the property of your school, you may lose access to those widgets. In that case, it is recommended to duplicate them to a safe/private location (e.g.: My widgets).

What happens to student submissions?

Your students' submitted works will remain stored in your BookWidgets account. Nothing will happen to them.

Caution! An exception applies when:

  • you work with an LMS, and:
  • in it, you have a course that you share with co-teachers, and:
  • the submissions are sent to one of your colleagues, who decided to share them with you, and:
  • your colleague decides to stop sharing results with co-teachers for that course, or the connection between your LMS and your BookWidgets account expires, or you remove it manually.

What about my license?

What happens to your BookWidgets license (or which actions to take) depends on who the payer of your license is.

Someone else pays for my license

You don't need to take action. The person or instance in charge of your license will take the necessary actions.

I pay for my own license

Your BookWidgets subscription will remain active until you manually cancel it. You can cancel your subscription anytime in Account > My plan. Whether this is something you'd like to do or not, depends on your situation:

  • I'm retiring: yes, cancel your subscription.
  • I'm changing schools and my license will be provided by my school: yes, cancel your subscription.
  • I'm changing schools but will continue to pay for my own license: don't cancel your subscription. Any correspondence regarding your license/subscription will happen through the email address you provided at the time of purchase.

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