U046 – Will my widgets disappear after my subscription expires?

Your widgets will be kept after your license expires. This applies to both trial accounts as paid subscriptions. The widgets will stay in your account and shared widgets will continue to work. So will any results you've received from your students.

Widgets will only disappear:

  • if they're removed by you or someone who can administer the group they're in;
  • if your account is removed altogether.

Without an active subscription:

  • you will no longer be able to open widgets in the editor, download them or 'share' them if no shared copy was created before.
  • you won't be able to make adaptations to the widget. If you plan to use the widgets without an LMS after your subscription expires, make sure that your widget configuration is set correctly before your account expires.
  • LMS integrations won't work. The widget can still be shared through an LMS exclusively if you share the url on it, but LMS specific features will disappear. This includes students being able to log in and syncing grade to the grade book. Live-mode will no longer work.

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