U064 – Should I make a new account?

If you already have a BookWidgets account, then the answer will most likely be " no, you don't require two BookWidgets accounts".

There's usually no need to create a new account, including situations where you have changed schools, or where you want to switch from a private email address to a school email address. You do not have the possibility to transfer your widgets to a new account!

If you consider creating a secondary account with BookWidgets, be sure to regard the following:

  • The email address linked to your account is only used for sending you messages on behalf of BookWidgets, sending you (copies of) result submissions, sending you group invitations, password recovery emails, etc. You can always change your email address in My account.
  • If you use a school email address for your account, and you lose access to that email account (e.g.: when moving to a new school), you will no longer be able to reset or recover your password!
  • Links with Learning Management Systems (e.g.: Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams) aren't connected to the email address of your BookWidgets account. If you would like to link your account to other LMSs, you can do so in My account.

Hence our tip:

Create a secondary account if, and only if, you would like to work with two strictly separate accounts, with non-interchangeable widgets, through two separate email addresses, that you both want to use in the same period.

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