Where are my students' submitted answers?

There can be several reasons why you can't find the answers your students submitted to you.

  1. Your students haven't actually submitted their answers.
  2. The submissions ended up in an unexpected group or class.
  3. Not every student submitted the same widget version.
  4. The submissions ended up on a different account (possibly a colleague's).
  5. Result submission is either not supported, or hasn't been enabled, for the widget type you've chosen.
  6. Saving result submissions to your account is not enabled.
  7. The answers pertain to a survey or exit slip.

Your students didn't submit their answers

As evident as it may seem, maybe your students haven't completed the widget, were unaware that they were supposed to submit their answers, or forgot/didn't know they had to click "Send" or the envelope icon in the top-right corner of the widget.

If you've shared your widget within a Learning Management System (LMS, for example Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams,…), you can check for yourself whether students have sent in their answers. Read more about it here.

The answers ended up in an unexpected group or class

When working with an LMS, we'd like to distinguish between the actual widget on one hand, and your LMS' assignment on the other.

When you share a widget in an LMS, the following two things occur:

  • The widget is anchored to firstly you as a teacher, and secondly the course that you've selected.
  • The LMS creates an assignment, to which the widget is attached.

In case you decide to move or copy the assignment to a new course, out of technical reasons it isn't possible to adapt the widget anchor anymore: it is still connected to the course it was originally shared in. For this reason, submissions by the new course's students will still end up in the old course. Furthermore, those will be marked by a warning message that indicates synchronisation with the LMS grade book is impossible: the students do not pertain to the same course as the one to which the widget is connected.

If you wish to reuse a widget in a new course, it is therefore important to Share it again with that course. Only that way, the widget is connected to it correctly, which ensures that your students submissions will be, too.

Not every student submitted the same widget version

If you edit a widget after a part of your students has already submitted their answers, you create a situation in which different students work with different widget versions. It is not always possible for BookWidgets to display all submissions in the same overview, notably when for example the amount of questions has changed.

If that is the case, you will find a dropdown menu bar at the top of your grading dashboard. The menu contains the various widget versions, which will be labeled as 'Configuration 1', 'Configuration 2', etc.

You can unfold the menu and select a different version to view the corresponding submissions.

The answers were sent to a colleague

There are various potential causes as to why this happened:

  • Within an LMS, you used an exercise that a colleague uploaded/shared. Since BookWidgets results are linked to the person who exported the widget to the LMS, they will receive the results. This still applies even if you copied the exercise first (cf. previous paragraph).
  • You received a widget link from someone, which you simply copied and shared with your students.
  • You copied a widget that has been configured to send result submissions to someone else (through Title/Reporting > Submission form), and you've shared this widget outside of an LMS.

If you suspect that a colleague might have result submissions for your students, ask them to have a look with the search function. Who knows, the results may have wound up in a course that your colleague hardly ever checks.

If your colleague is a co-teacher of the course, they can optionally enable sharing of answers with the course's co-teachers at the bottom of the result section.

Even if this option is not enabled, your colleague can still use the search function to send the missing answers to you.

Result submission is either not supported or not enabled for the widget type you've chosen

Not all widget types support result submission, while others have this setting enabled by default. If supported but not enabled, you can enable this option under Reporting or Title/Reporting.

Note that it is always possible that the option was disabled at the time a student made the widget, and was only enabled afterwards.

If so, you can still have your students submit their answers to you.

Saving result submissions to your account is not enabled

On My account, under Student Work, the option to store results needs to be checked:

The answers pertain to a survey or exit slip

Within an LMS, widget answers are linked to student IDs. However, survey and exit slip results are anonymous. They can only be accessed through our website.

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