U056 – How can I see whether students have opened a widget, or whether they've submitted their answers already?

The easiest way is to check the Live mode . Note that Live mode is only available for widgets that have been shared within an LMS (Learning Management System, like for example Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams).

  • To open Live mode from our website, click the Live tab in the menu.
    To open Live mode from the LMS, go to the results and grades section of your class, then click Live Widgets in the top-right corner.
  • Find your widget/class in the list, and click on it.
    • Students who are in the list, have opened the widget. If you hover your mouse over Last activity above the time indication, you will see both when the widget was opened first, and when the last activity was.
    • If there is an envelope/letter icon next to a student's name in the column Score, then that means that this student has submitted their answers. Click the envelope to directly view their work.

You will only be able to see the status in the Live Widget view if you are the person that shared the exercise with your students. If colleagues of yours have shared one of your widgets with students, it will be they who can see Live activity, even if you are the creator or owner of the widget.

Submit working copy

If you notice that your students haven't submitted, Live mode enables you to submit on their behalf.

We advise against using the option Submit working copy as your default working method. Always instruct your students to submit their work themselves.

  • Locate the result you'd like to submit/collect;
  • Click the gear icon in the corresponding row;
  • Click Submit working copy;
  • Confirm.

Caution: internet connectivity issues of the student's device may cause the working copy to be incomplete. In case of doubt, always consult with your student.

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