U011 – How do I define/remove courses and/or students?

In BookWidgets, you cannot define courses or students upfront. Instead, the information will automatically create and organize itself based on submissions from students that you've received for widget exercises that you've assigned.

Submissions can be found in the Grades & Reporting section of your BookWidgets account.

Do you use BookWidgets as a stand-alone product, or in conjunction with a Learning Management System (LMS)?

I use BookWidgets as a stand-alone product

By default, sharing widgets with students happens by sharing a link, short code, or QR code. Everyone who has the link or code can make a widget and submit it.

  • All of the submissions will be found in (no course).
  • Within (no course), you may find a subdivision in Classes. This depends on the specifics of the Submission form. If no class has been preconfigured by the teacher nor provided by the students, submissions will be found in (no class).

I use BookWidgets integrated with an LMS

Student submissions will automatically be sorted into a folder with the same name as the LMS course in which you assigned the widget exercise to your students. Their names will correspond to those defined in the LMS.

How to create a student or course

Following the aforementioned information, for a given student or course to appear in the Grades & Reporting section of your BookWidgets account, it is required that at you have received at least one submission with the matching criteria.

How to remove a student or course

Conversely, if you want to remove a student from your submissions list, remove or archive all their work. If you'd like to remove a course from the list, remove or archive all the submissions contained inside.

Do not confuse a student submission with student activity.

Student activity is the student's progress in a widget that is saved by default. This is to ensure that when a widget is closed and re-opened, students don't have to start all over but can instead continue working. Erasing student submissions and student activity are unrelated. The storing of student activity can also be disabled.

For more info on erasing student activity, see U052 – How can I allow a student to restart a widget?.

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