How can I allow a student to restart a widget?

Sometimes, you would like to allow a student to start over, even if result submission is limited to once, if you have enabled the exam timer, or perhaps in case of a repeating student for which you'd like to avoid they get to see their answers from last year still filled in.

Preliminary remark: erasing activity is not the same as deleting a submission. To erase activity means: to erase the progress, i.e.: remove the answers filled in by the student, allowing them to restart the widget with a 'clean slate'. If a student has submitted a result for a widget, then erasing the activity will not delete nor otherwise influence this submission.

Through Live mode

This method logically requires the widget to support Live mode. Not all widgets do. More info on the topic: Which widgets support live mode?

Live tracking must also be enabled on your account. The option can be found here. Enabling the Live mode will not allow you to trace widget activity retroactively.

  1. Open Live mode (its exact location may vary according to the LMS you work in).
  2. In the list of widgets played, find the class and widget you're looking for.
  3. Find the correct student, and click the trashcan icon next to their name. Confirm. You will not necessarily see the effect, but your student will be able to start over.

Live mode will only keep track of student activity for 30 days. In case your student repeats the year, you'll need to resort to the following method.

Reset widget activity

If the widget doesn't support Live mode or if the student's activity is older than 30 days (e.g. in case of repeating students), you can find the activity under Grades & reporting.

  1. Open Grades & reporting > My courses.
  2. Select a course.
  3. Select a class.
  4. Click a student name to view their activities within the class and course.
  5. Scroll to the Activity section.
    • Method 1 – one by one: click the cogwheel icon on the right-hand side of any widget in the list, and then click Reset.
    • Method 2 – multi-select: check the boxes for any number of widgets. Click the cogwheel above the list, and then click Reset selected widgets.


Students can also allow themselves to start over by clicking the trashcan icon in the top-right of their student view. The slate will be wiped clean. Make sure that in the widget editor, you have the option Title/Reporting > Allow student to submit only once disabled. Otherwise, the bin icon won't be visible to your students. If the widget is password protected, they'll need to enter the password again.

A final possibility is to duplicate the widget altogether, sharing the new widget link with the student.

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