How can I allow a student to restart a widget?

You might sometimes want to let a student start over despite result submission being limited to once, and/or if the exam timer is enabled.

Through Live mode

Note: this method logically requires that the widget supports Live mode in the first place. Not all widgets do: Which widgets support Live mode?

  1. Open Live mode.
    • If you're working directly from BookWidgets, click the Live tab.
    • If you're using BookWidgets within an LMS, go to the BookWidgets grades section of your class, and click Live Widgets.
  2. Find the widget in the list and click on it.
  3. Find your student, click the trashcan icon next to their name, and confirm. This change won't necessarily be apparent to you, however your student will be able to start over.


If you're not working in an LMS, and/or if the widget doesn't support Live mode, your student themselves can restart. They have to click the trashcan in the top-right corner. Make sure that in your widget configuration, the option Title/Reporting > Allow student to submit only once is disabled. Otherwise, your student won't see the trashcan. If the widget has.a startup password, your student will have to enter it again.

Copying the widget is another method to let students start over.

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