U083 – Can I change a widget from one type to another?

What if you’ve already made a widget, but you would now like to turn it into another widget type without having to do all of that work again? Good news! BookWidgets lets you convert your lesson content from one widget type to another. Follow these steps:

Import from Widget

  1. Create a new, empty widget.
  2. In the top right corner, click the gear icon.
  3. Click Import from widget.
  4. Choose a widget you'd like to import from.
  5. Configure the way you'd like to import (see below).
  6. When done, click either Import or Clear & import in the top-right corner.

Attention: Import will add the selected content to your current widget. Clear & import will replace your current content with the new one. In other words, any content in your current widget will be deleted.


When you have selected a widget to import from (step 4), you are brought to an import wizard where the exact possibilities at your disposal depend on both the widget type you are currently in, as well as the widget type you’d like to import from. There are two ‘groups’ of widgets that can be discerned.

  • Group A: Quiz, Worksheet, Split Worksheet.
  • Group B: Flashcards, Crossword, Word Search, Pair Matching, Memory, Frame Sequence.

Import from a widget in group A to another group A widget

Between the Quiz, Worksheet and Split Worksheet, you can freely import all of the questions integrally. Select the questions you’d like to import by ticking the corresponding checkboxes.

Import from a widget in group B to another group B widget

For imports within group B, first select the elements you’d like to import by ticking the corresponding checkboxes. On the right hand-side, a context menu will appear with import options. These options depend on the type of target and source widget that you have chosen.

A working example: we want to convert a set of Flash Cards to a Crossword widget. Flash cards have words on the front side and on the back side. Crossword widgets have the item terms on the one hand, and the item descriptions/terms on the other. By default, the terms on the front side of the flash cards will become the words that need to be filled in the crossword puzzle, and the terms on the back side of the flash cards will become the descriptions that accompany the crossword puzzle’s items. You can also swap these relationships.

Import from a widget in group B to a group A widget

You can convert widgets from group B to group A widgets, but not the other way around. The way to proceed is the same as in the last paragraph.

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