U008 – How to print widgets or export them to PDF, blank or with solutions

From the Chrome browser, you can print a widget or export it to PDF.

Chrome browser

In the browser, open your widget in the editor, and select Preview. Select Print from the preview menu. Then, either choose a printer, or choose to export to PDF.

Images will not be displayed by default. Displaying images is a setting that you can enable in the dialogue that appears when clicking Print.

Printing or exporting a widget with all the answers filled in


Go into Preview mode, and fill out your widget by hand. Then, repeat the steps above.

With an answer key:

  • Go to General > Answer Keys and set a password.
  • Now, go into your preview, and press the clear icon for 5 seconds.
  • Then, enter the answer key password. All your answers will now appear.
  • Now, print or export as described above.

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