U080 – About archiving and exporting

You would like to save and store BookWidgets results for consultation later. This article will list what you can do.

We'll exclusively be highlighting possibilities to export data from BookWidgets to an external location, so that you no longer require a BookWidgets account to access those data.

Exported data cannot be re-imported into BookWidgets. The methods listed below can therefore not be used to transfer data from one account to another.

System administrators can currently not export student results from a central command. Each teacher will have to export their own student results.

This article will go over the following topics:

  1. How long does BookWidgets store my results?
  2. The archive function
  3. Exporting grades as a CSV file
  4. Printing a widget either blank or filled out (as an answer/solution key) or exporting it to PDF
  5. Downloading PDF versions of student works
  6. The result export

How long does BookWidgets store my results?

No limit has been set. Even in case your licence expires, you'll still be able to log in on our website www.bookwidgets.com and consult the grades there, download PDFs, etc.

The archive function

BookWidgets' archiving function has become obsolete.

BookWidgets' archive function was primarily used to declutter: to hide older submissions from view and keep the list organised. Since the introduction of the schoolyear filter however, the archive function, in most cases, has become redundant.

Schoolyear filter

The grade overviews will only show works that have been submitted during the selected schoolyear (1). To look at earlier submissions, simply click the schoolyear and select a different one. By default, schoolyears run from September 1 st to August 31st. However, you can change the schoolyear start date if you wish. Click the schoolyear and then Edit… to do so. The overview will adapt to the newly selected date.

Exporting grades as a CSV file

Grades can be downloaded as tables. This type of download is only possible for one widget at a time.

  1. Go to a widget's result dashboard;
  2. Check the boxes of the students whose submissions you'd like to include in the file;
  3. Click the cogwheel and select Download scores.
  4. Choose which columns the CSV file should contain, then confirm.

A remark for Microsoft Excel users: if you open the downloaded CSV file by simply clicking or double clicking the file, and you're using a recent version of Microsoft Excel, it is possible that the data in the table may be skewed. If so, open a new, empty spreadsheet file instead and import the CSV file.

Printing a widget either blank or filled out (as an answer/solution key) or exporting it to PDF

Please see this article.

Downloading PDF versions of student works

The feedback that you return to your students that includes your corrects, remarks and grades, can also be downloaded.

  1. Go to a widget's grading dashboard.
  2. Check the boxes of the students whose graded work you'd like to download;
  3. Click the cogwheel and select Download PDFs.

Results exports

The results exports are the biggest and most comprehensive way to save and store BookWidgets results outside of BookWidgets. A results export will let you to download all submissions of all students within a given timeframe. This operation is usually carried out only once per year or semester.

  1. Click Grades & reporting > Results exports.
  2. Click the button Create new results export.
  3. Select a start and end date.
  4. Click Export to confirm.

A ZIP file containing every submission within the selected timeframe will now be created. Within the file, every submission will be neatly organized by course, class, widget, student name, etc.

The export may run in the background.

If you have many students and student submissions, the creation process of the file may take up to several hours to complete. However, you do not need to stand by. The browser tab may be closed and even the computer may be shut down; the file will be processed on BookWidgets servers. Why not start the export on a Friday evening and pick it up the following Monday morning? An exported ZIP file will remain available for download for 7 days. Then, it will disappear.

Avoid excessive file sizes.

Excessive file sizes may sometimes lead to the export failing. If you receive an error notification, please try splitting the selected timeframe into equal parts (e.g.: if you're trying to export an entire year's worth of submissions, try semesters. If that fails, try trimesters). If the exports keep failing after three attempts, please contact support@bookwidgets.com.

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