U082 – Exporting Class/Course scores as CSV

Next to individual widgets, it is equally possible to export the scores of an entire course —or even multiple courses at once— as a CSV file. Note: if you aren't using BookWidgets in conjunction with an LMS like for example Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams, then all of your students' submissions will be listed under "(no course)".

Exporting results

  • Go to Grades & reporting > My courses;
  • Select one or multiple courses by checking the corresponding boxes;
  • Click the cogwheel and select Download scores as Excel (CSV) file;
  • Configure the CSV file options. You can choose to have the scores automatically recalculated to a given total, as well as select a decimal character.
  • Click Download Excel (CSV) file.

Using the CSV file as a pivot table

  • When you have downloaded the file, open it in a spreadsheet editor. Note: Office 365 Excel users may need to open an empty spreadsheet first and then import the CSV file rather than opening it directly.
  • Select all of the data and turn them into a pivot table.
  • Configure the pivot table. Our recommended structure is:
    • Student: row
    • Quiz: row (optional)
    • Score: value
    • Max: value (optional)

If you combine Student with Score, you'll receive an overview of the (sum of) the scores that the student has obtained within the course. If you add Max, a column will be added that shows how the student measures up to the total. If you add Quiz as a row, then you'll receive a breakdown of how well your students did on the individual widgets.

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