How do I merge two accounts?

We strongly disadvise creating multiple accounts if you only intend to use one of them. Merging accounts is unnecessary in most cases, as well as needlessly cumbersome. If, for example, you have changed schools, and will be working under a new (school) licence and/or from a new email address, then do not create a new BookWidgets account for it!

In order to merge two accounts into one after all, the following aspects of your account have to be considered:

  • Your students' result submissions
  • Your widgets
  • Your membership in widget groups
  • Connections with digital learning environments
  • Your email address
  • Your licence

Choose which account you'd like to keep. Base your choice on the content of your account, not its licence or LMS connections. In other words: choose the account that has more widgets and/or student submissions on it. This will reduce the amount of data that has to be transferred from one account to another.

Moving grades

Moving your students' grades is something that you yourself have to take care of. Follow the instructions in the following article:

Membership in widget groups

Groups that you have automatically been made a member of, for example through your LMS (e.g.: Google Classroom classes) will be transferred automatically when you move your LMS connection. See below.

If you yourself manage a group, you can invite yourself (i.e. your new account) to the group, and accept the invitation from your new account. For other groups, you will have to re-apply for membership, and await the group administrator's approval. To find out more about groups, click here:


As soon as you have taken care of both the result submissions and your groups, contact our helpdesk through, including the following information in your email:

  • the account data of both accounts;
  • an indication which of these accounts is to be kept, and which is to be suspended.

Links with digital learning environments (LMS: Learning Management Systems)

To transfer a link with an LMS, first unlink it from the old account, then link it again with the new account. Go to the configuration page of both accounts to unlink and link again.


  • If the old account has a trial licence, no further steps are required.
  • If the old account has a licence through a digital learning environment or LMS, it will be transferred automatically when you move the links (see above).
  • If the old account has a different type of licence, go to this page first. Copy your licence key, unlink the licence key, log out of your account, log into your new account, and add the licence key in the same location again.
    • If your licence is a group licence, then additionally inform the group administrator of this change so they can remove your old account.
    • If your licence is personal/private, then additionally inform our BookWidgets support so we are aware that these two users belong to the same licence.

    Email adress

    If you'd like, change the email address of the new account. You can find more info about changing your email address here:

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