U026 – Missing grades in my student's email

To ensure that grades are included in the results emails received from and sent to your students, make sure that in the configuration of your widget, the option Title/Reporting > Email options > Enable grading in emails is enabled.

BookWidgets also offers this option again on the pop-up dialogue after clicking 'return student work' button, when you are actually about to send results back to your students. However: some LM systems, like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams, do not have this last checkbox available. The only way to enable or disable is through your widget configuration menu.

I forgot to enable the option and my students received feedback without grades/corrections. What can I do now?

Under Grades & Reporting, go the widget in question and look at the results. Select the student work you'd like to reply to by means of the checkbox. Click the cogwheel , and then Return results.

In the pop-up dialogue, you'll have the option to enable the visibility of corrections and grades right before you send the results back.

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