U001 – Are widgets ADA compliant ?

If the question is 'can I make ADA compliant widgets with BookWidgets', the answer is yes. If the question is 'will all widgets I make be ADA compliant', then the answer is no.
Both the widget type as the way you configure it affect ADA compliance.
BookWidgets has different 'widget templates' that get filled in with different types of user content. Some widgets, e.g. a Quiz, can be ADA compliant. Others perform functions which can't be ADA compliant. Some widgets or question types are heavily visual, like for example our hotspot image, or they have a function which can't be controlled by a keyboard, e.g drawing in the whiteboard widget.
Even though a Quiz can be ADA compliant, it doesn't mean all Quizzes will be: we have about 30 different question types, some of which focus on visual aspects and/or don't allow mere keyboard input (e.g. dragging and dropping of images, image multiple choice questions, whiteboard questions,…). While it would technically be possible to make all widgets ADA compliant, this would defeat the purpose… For example: if you're using an image-based multiple choice question, the goal is to interpret the image. Replacing this with a text that describes the image has no added value to the image-based exercise in the first place.
We therefore place ADA compliancy in the hands of the creator. If you want to create an ADA compliant Quiz, restrict yourself to the question types which are ADA compliant (e.g. text multiple choice, multi select, text input questions, ...), and also provide the alt text for the images which you potentially insert, transcripts for audio / video content, etc.

In summary: widgets can be ADA compliant, if the creator chooses to use only limited options, as well as to provide alternative descriptive texts for any type of multimedia content (images, audio, video).

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