U030 – How do I share student answers with colleagues?

If you use BookWidgets from within an integrated LMS, it becomes possible to share student submissions in a way that will allow you to simultaneously access them, and optionally grade together.

Tip: if you've graded a submission, mark it with a star. This will make joint grading a lot more efficient!

Enable result sharing

  1. A first requirement is that your colleagues and yourself are both defined as co-teachers within at least one of your LMS' courses. If this is not the case, submissions of BookWidgets exercises can't be shared with colleagues. Assigning teachers to courses is done by the administrator of your platform.
  2. If the above requirement is met, go to Grades & Reporting > My courses and click on the name of your course.
  3. Below the header Sharing, check the box that reads Share all submissions in this course with all other course teachers.

If you've enabled the above option, then any submissions that you have received will be made available to all the co-teachers in the selected course. However, you will not automatically see submissions sent to others. In order to access them, your colleagues must enable the same option from within their own BookWidgets account.

Send submissions to another account

If you don't use BookWidgets through any of the available LMS integrations, then result sharing isn't possible. It is, however, possible to send results to another account. If you send results to another account, you won't have them yourself anymore.

More info: see U067 – How to find submitted results.

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