U030 – Sharing student answers in Google Classroom

Sharing your student submissions with a co-teacher in Google Classroom requires a 3-step solution:

Enable sharing with your co-teachers

To indicate that answers can be shared with co-teachers, you need to go to the bottom of the results page for your google classroom course.

Verify / cornfirm your co-worker

To verify whether your colleague is a co-teacher of the Google Classroom course, they also need a BookWidgets account that is connected to their Google Classroom account.

If it hasn't been done before, your colleague needs to connect their BookWidgets account to a Google Classroom account at the bottom of page https://bookwidgets.com/a/configure.

It is possible to have a linked Google account without having a connection to Google Classroom! If there is no connection to Google classroom, no results can be seen. If you're not sure whether you have Google classroom access, click to create the link.

Getting your co-teacher to see the class

Information about the new shared class is not always shared with BookWidgets immediately. If the new joint class isn't listed under My Courses yet, your co-teacher can refresh the list of courses from the menu:

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