U018 – I don't see my widgets in the Live section

Have you checked whether the following requirements are met?

  • The Live feature needs to be enabled before the students start the widgets (enable under Account > My account > Live widgets.
  • Your widgets need to be shared using an LMS (e.g. Google Classroom, MS Teams, Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, ...) using the BookWidgets integration.
  • The widget needs to be shared by you, so not a colleague with access to the same LMS class / course.
  • In the configuration of your widget, the option General > Save & restore answers needs to be enabled.
  • Students need to have played the widget in the last 30 days. If the activity is older, it is no longer kept in Live mode.
  • The widget needs to support live viewing. Click here for more info.

In case you still encounter issues, please contact us on support@bookwidgets.com:

  • from the email address that your account is linked to;
  • with a link to your widget (preferably the shortcode or 'teacher link').

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