U031 – Student can't submit answers in Google Classroom

For widgets shared via Google Classroom, answers can only be submitted by students that are part of the Classroom to which the widget was shared.

If the student is not part of the classroom, they'll get the message Send Failed, There is no pending student submission for you in Google Classroom.

Possible reasons this happens are:

  • Sending answers was a test by the teacher of the class: because they are not part of the class, Google won't accept answers.
  • The student used a different Google account than the one used in the Google Classroom.
  • The assignment was copied from one classroom to another using the Reuse post option. A BookWidgets assignment is bound to the classroom assignment the widget got shared in. Reuse post doesn't change that binding. If students open the widget from Reused post, their answers will get sent to the original classroom. Because they're not part of this classroom, the submission will fail.
  • A 'draft assignment' created for one classroom got moved to a different classroom.

To prevent issues:

  • Always share widgets from the BookWidgets interface, never reuse a post or move a draft assignment
  • Ensure your students are using their correct Google account.

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