How do I insert the widgets in iBooks Author?

Widgets for iBooks Author are special folders in OSX with a .wdgt extension.

If you're using the OSX tool, whenever you create and save a widget, it will be saved with the `.wdgt` extension, ready to insert in iBooks Author.

From the Web Editor:

  • Press the 'Download' button at the top right of the screen to download the widget as a zip file (``)
  • Unzip the file in your downloads folder by double-clicking it.  You'll get the folder with the .wdgt extension, e.g. `Worksheet.wdgt`

To insert the widget in iBooks Author, either:

  • Drag this .wdgt file into your iBooks Author project.
  • Insert an 'HTML' widget, then go to the inspector and select your `.wdgt` file.

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