Creating a Google Maps API key

To use the Google Maps widget and the Google Maps feature in the Image Carousel widget you need a Google Maps API key.
If you don't create your own API key your widget will be using a key that's shared with other BookWidgets users and that may run out of quota at any time.
You will need a Google Account to enable this.  Even though you'll need to configure billing information, Google offers a large free quota which should easily cover for all your widget use.
To create the key, start at:
press the 'Getting Started' button, select 'Maps' and press the 'CONTINUE' button.
You now need to go through the following steps:
  • If you're not logged in, log into your Google account
  • Setup a Billing Account
  • Create a new project using the billing account.
Once the project is created an API key will  be created and shown with the message
*To improve your app's security, restrict this key's usage in the API Console.*
2 more steps need to be taken:
  • Enable the API for looking up addresses
  • Restrict the API so it can only be used for Google Maps
Start by clicking on the 'API Console' link in the message
You now see the API key configuration interface.
First click on the menu icon in the top left and go to 'API's & Services / Library'.  Enter 'Geocoding' in the 'Search for API's and Services' search box, select 'Geocoding API' and press the 'Enable' button.
Again click on the menu icon and select 'API's & Services / Credentials'.  In the 'API Keys' list click your API key (named 'API key').
Now click on 'API Restrictions'. and in the 'Select API' dropdown select 'Maps Javascript API'.  
Click 'Select API' again and now select 'Geocoding API'.

Press 'SAVE'.

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