U098 – How do I copy a WebQuest (or Planner)?

If you find a nice widget with a colleague, in one of our groups or elsewhere online, you can easily use the Duplicate option in a group, or the Make copy to my account button if you've received a teacher link, to make a copy of the widget that you can edit as you please and use for your own purposes.
However, if such a widget happens to contain links to other widgets, which this article will refer to as "nested" widgets from now on, and which is commonly the case with WebQuest and Planner widgets, creating a successful copy for yourself is not as straight-forward.


Duplicating a "main" widget does not automatically copy any nested widgets. The result is that even though you're now the owner of the main widget, the nested widgets are still the originals that pertain to the original owner. Because of this, creating a "proper" copy of such widgets consists of the following three steps:

  1. Duplicate the main widget.
  2. Duplicate all nested widgets.
  3. In the main widget, replace all links to the original widgets with the links to your corresponding duplicates.

What if the nested widgets aren't available?

It may occur that you find a nice WebQuest or Planner online, but you don't seem to be able to find (or have access to) the nested widgets. If you know the owner and/or have the means to reach out to them, please ask them to make the nested widgets available.

If you do not have that possibility, you can write an email to support@bookwidgets.com. The BookWidgets team can forward your request to the widgets' owner. Do keep in mind that there is no guarantee: if the owner is unwilling to cooperate, unfortunately nothing can be done.

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