U097 – Changes in workflow for Google Classroom (Extension) and Microsoft Teams users – 2023

The change below applies to a limited number of BookWidgets users. Before reading this article, make sure it applies to you by reading the corresponding section.

In July of 2023, a change was made to the workflow of the integration of BookWidgets in Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. The impact of this change is limited. In this knowledge base article, we elaborate on the notification you may have received in your BookWidgets account.

Returning reviewed BookWidgets work with feedback

To whom does it apply?

The change applies to:

  • Teachers that work with BookWidgets in Google Classroom through the BookWidgets browser extension for Google Chrome, or that share widgets from the BookWidgets website to Google Classroom.
  • Teachers that work with BookWidgets in Microsoft Teams.

The change does not apply to:

  • Teachers that work with the Google Classroom Add-ons;
  • Teachers that work with a learning management system other than Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams;
  • Teachers that work with BookWidgets as a standalone product, i.e.: without any of the supported learning management system integrations.

What has changed?

Previously, when reviewing student submissions on the BookWidgets' reporting dashboard and wanted to return them to students for review, you needed to navigate to your LMS to return the assignment. However, this process has changed. Now, sending back feedback for BookWidgets activities, including the questions, the student responses, and optionally the grades and comments, has to be accomplished directly within the BookWidgets reporting dashboard. This alteration separates the feedback transmission from the process of returning grades in your LMS gradebook. It's important to note that notifications to students might be triggered by your LMS only upon grade return.

While you review the work in BookWidgets' reporting dashboard, grades are still synced to the LMS’ gradebooks automatically. This remains as before.

Returning feedback from within the BookWidgets reporting dashboard

One by one

When you are done reviewing a particular submission, click the Return work backwards arrow in the menu bar at the top.

In batch

  1. Open the overview of all the submissions for the widget.
  2. Below Answers, click the gear icon.
  3. Click Select all results.
  4. Click the gear icon again.
  5. Select Return results.

Why this change?

Feedback for a BookWidgets activity, sent via BookWidgets' reporting dashboard, can now be shared with students without necessitating the assignment's return in Classroom or Teams. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to customize the feedback to exclude points or grades. This feature empowers you to permit students to engage with widget exercises repeatedly without receiving a definitive grade. This approach holds particular value in formative exercise contexts.

The reverse is also possible: you can return the grades of the LMS assignment to your students without sending them the actual work (including the questions and their answers). This may be of interest in e.g. exam contexts.

You can read up on the full workflow instructions here:

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