U019 – I get student answers by email but don't see them on the website

Please check the following settings:

For student answers to appear under your BookWidgets account, two things are required:

  • Storing of student answers needs to be enabled. This can is done on the Account > My Account page of the website, in the Student work section. This is turned on by default when you create an account.
  • The student answers need to be sent to the email address associated with your account.

We regularly we notice that users create an account with an address (e.g. their personal email), but configure the widget so that results are sent to another email address (e.g. of their school). If this situation applies, you can change the email address of your account if required.

In case both conditions are met, yet you still don't see the student work in your account, we can check our logs to figure out why they're not visible.
Please send an email to support@bookwidgets.com, and include the following information:

  • the name or shortcode of the widget;
  • the email address to which the student answers have been submitted;
  • the name of a student who submitted the answers;
  • the date and approximate time when the answers were submitted.

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