U092 – Send failed – This field is required: Student Name

Students need to identify themselves when submitting, but the submission form hasn't been configured accordingly.

Student identification

In order for students to be able to submit and for teachers to receive the submissions in their BookWidgets account, each submission requires a name. This name is provided by the students themselves by filling out the submission form when they submit. However, if providing a student name isn't possible for the submission, the above error message will appear.

The problem can be solved by configuring the submission form.

  1. In the editor menu of your widget, go to Title/Reporting > Submission form.
  2. Check the boxes Visible and Editable.
  3. If applicable: update the shared copy of the widget.

"I've never encountered this before"

Is this the first time your students encounter the error message even though you've successfully shared widgets and received submissions in the past? Then that means that you've been using BookWidgets through an LMS integration (Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams,…), and that student works have always been submitted that way, too.

When using BookWidgets through an LMS integration, then the LMS takes care of identifying the students. Because students are logged in to the LMS, it will be the LMS that provides the display name that will be attached to a BookWidgets submission. This renders the submission form obsolete.

"What's different this time?"

If this situation suddenly occurs whereas you hadn't encountered it yet, it means that unlike usual, for some reason the widget didn't properly connect to your LMS. Since no LMS integration is detected, the submission form becomes relevant again. In turn, the submission form isn't configured correctly. Reasons for the detection failing may vary. Here are the two most frequent scenarios:

  • You are testing your own widget, and you're doing so from our website www.bookwidgets.com instead of through your LMS.
  • The widget is in an iframe. If you embed a widget within another widget (e.g.: WebQuest, Hotspot), and you've chosen to have it displayed inside a frame on the same page as the main widget, the student identification provided by the LMS cannot carry over to the embedded widget. The solution is: don't embed the widgets, but use the designated widget linking options.

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