RFM – Where can I find ready-to-use BookWidgets course materials?

This knowledge base is intended to help troubleshoot problems of a more technical nature.

If you are looking for ready-made widgets created by peers, use groups instead.

Group management

Please note that the vast majority of groups isn't managed by the BookWidgets team, but constitute a community effort. This means that groups are created and managed by BookWidgets users like yourself.

If you've requested membership of a particular group but your request isn't approved, then the group administrator may have consciously rejected your membership request, or perhaps little attention is being paid to managing the group and its membership requests. In either case it will not be interesting for you to become a member.

The following groups are public. You may join these groups automatically.

Tip: be sure to take a look around in the public group BookWidgets Blog. This group contains a lot of ready-to-use BookWidgets material related to the topics discussed in our blog articles.

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