U086 – Overview of BookWidgets Help Resources

This knowledge base is intended primarily to troubleshoot technical issues. If you are looking for explanations on how to create or use certain widget types, you are better off checking out one of our tutorials.

All of our tutorials can be found on https://www.bookwidgets.com/tutorials.
We currently have tutorials for the following topics:

Getting started

BookWidgets overview A tutorial for complete beginners: what is BookWidgets, how to create a simple exercise, etc.
BookWidgets Live Details about how to monitor student progress live.
Reviewing student work When your students have completed and submitted an exercise, how can you grade it? Which tools and options do you have? How can you return the work?
Importing documents Find out how to create a widget from a .DOCX or .PDF file.
Collaborating with peers Details about BookWidgets' groups. Groups can have multiple members and can contain widgets. Use groups to make widgets accessible to multiple people if you wish to collaborate.

Test & Review

These tutorials regard the most popular of our Test & Review widgets ('green' category). Each tutorial highlights the settings unique for the widget type in question.

  • Flash Cards
  • Quiz (Worksheet, Split Worksheet)
  • Split Whiteboard
  • Timeline
  • WebQuest
  • Whiteboard


Tutorials about the Math category widgets ('blue' category).

  • Active plot – A powerful widget for graphic representations of equations on the 2D plane.

Pictures & videos

Tutorials about widgets in the Pictures & videos category ('purple' category).

  • Hotspot image

LMS Integrations

The tutorials in this category apply specifically if you use BookWidgets in conjunction with a Learning Management System (LMS). Whenever any of the titles below ends with (Administrators), the tutorial explains which steps your LMS administrator needs to take in order to make BookWidgets available on the platform for teachers to use. The same title without that suffix then applies to teachers wanting to work with BookWidgets once the administrator has completed the setup.

Connecting with Google Classroom
Using Google Classroom BookWidgets add-on This tutorial applies only to schools that work with Google Classroom's so-called add-ons, which is a new structure that's gradually deployed starting 2022. It may not apply to you (yet). If so, consult the other Google Classroom tutorial.
Connecting with Microsoft Teams Assignments (New) This is BookWidgets within Microsoft Teams for those who work with the BookWidgets plugin that you can click when creating an "Assignment". If you do not (yet) have that option, then the other Microsoft Teams tutorial applies to you. The "assignment" workflow is gradually deployed starting 2022.
Connecting with Microsoft Teams
Connecting with Moodle (Administrators)
Connecting with Moodle
Connecting with Canvas
Connecting with Canvas (Administrators)
Connecting with Blackboard Learn
Connecting with Blackboard Learn (Administrators)
Connecting with Schoology
Connecting with Schoology (Administrators)
Connecting with itslearning
Connecting with itslearning (Administrators)

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