U073 – My student switched classes, but their results haven't moved along

This article presupposes that you are using BookWidgets within an LMS, since class, group and student management are exclusively located on such platforms.

BookWidgets does not keep track of which class or course a student belongs to, only which class or course a submission belongs to. When a student switches classes in your LMS, their new submissions will be assigned to the new course/class, but the old submissions will remain unaltered.

A student transferred out of my class, yet they're still listed as being in the course in BookWidgets

What you see in the list are the widget submissions the student made while they were still in that class. Any new submission they'll do for a new widget, will end up in the new class. If desired, you can move results from one class to another as follows:

  • Go to your courses on our webpage.
  • Select the course.
  • Select the class.
  • Mark the checkboxes for the students whose results you'd like to transfer.
  • Click the cogwheel and select Move submissions of selected students to another class.
  • In the pop-up window, select a new class.
  • Confirm.

If the new class is linked to a different BookWidgets account, you can move the results by means of the Search interface.

A student transferred into my class, I can't see them

…yet. As soon as you share a new widget with them and they submit their answers, they'll appear in the list.

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