Can students see solutions in the browser's developer view?

By right-clicking a widget element and selecting Inspect, it should not be possible to see the solutions to the widget's questions. That's because the solutions aren't contained in the widget.

When using the Inspect or Inspect element function (depending on the browser), you can retrieve developer data of a webpage. Since widgets are usually opened in a browser window, this means students can look at the widget in developer view. But for Quiz and Worksheet widgets, the answer key is not contained within the widget. Instead, we store it on our serves, which is not something students can access through the Inspect option. Both the answer key and teacher feedback won't be loaded before a student has submitted their results, and even then, that information will only load if the widget requires correction. This applies to the following cases:

  • the widget has been configured to immediately show the correct answers after submitting;
  • the widget has been configured to show the score/grades right after submission.

An exception is when the widget does need to contain the answers. The widget will contain the solutions in any of the following cases:

  • when the option General > Correction options > Show correct answers when quiz is done is enabled;
  • when the option Title/reporting > Enable submitting of answers is disabled. Disabling this option will convert the widget into a kind of practice tool rather than a test/quiz tool. Since results won't be submitted, no connection will be made with our server. This is why the answers will be contained in the widget.
  • if an answer key has been set for the widget (under General > Answer Keys). Entering the password will load the solutions into the widget.

Then where does the rumor come from?

Some students right-click the widget, click Inspect, and can see some of the checkboxes that have been checked. They think they've hit the jackpot. But that is not the case.

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