U057 – Can I undo merging a class or course?

If you've merged a class or course, accidentally or otherwise, there is no one-button solution to separate it again.

In order to undo merging two courses, you will have to relocate the students manually. All in all, this can luckily be achieved fairly quickly. Take the following into account:

  • Students can only be moved to an existing course.
  • Courses are only known if there is at least one widget submission for it.

When courses are merged, one of them will disappear. You can make it reappear by either unarchiving an old result for it, or by having one of your students submit a new result for it. As soon as the old course is 'known' again, you'll be able to select students and move them into it.

  • Go to Grades & Reporting > My courses;
  • Choose a course;
  • Choose a class/group;
  • Select the students that you'd like to transfer;
  • Click the cogwheel below Students;
  • Select Move submissions of selected students to another class.

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