U022 – I want to use the widgets in an ebook, what are my options?

There are 3 main options for using our widgets in an interactive book:
  • iBooks Author is available for free on OSX and can be used for creating multitouch books for iOS and OSX iBooks. Important notice: iBooks Author will be discontinued. Read more here.
  • Kotobee Author is an authoring tool for OSX and Windows which can export interactive books in many formats.  Kotobee also provides Kotobee Reader which can read the interactive books on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.
  • CircularFlo allows creation of fixed layout ePub3 books from InDesign. 
BookWidgets widgets are HTML5 based, and as such can also be used in other environment which support HTML5 plugins.

In environments where no HTML5 plugins are supported, interaction with BookWidgets can often be enabled by sharing the widget on our server and using the play URL.

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